Healthy Habits on the Go

Can one week of indulging in your favorite treats or skipping out on your exercise routine sabotage the healthy habits you are working hard to create. Honestly, very unlikely! But here is the deal. No one wants to feel exhausted and crabby during their well earned time off. And if you are loading your body with unhealthy foods, operating on no sleep and ditching your exercise routine chances are you will not feel your best.

So how do we manage to maintain healthy habits while on vacation? Here our a few tips we have found work for us!

  • DRINK!! And no I don’t mean the adult kind garnished with a small umbrella. Although if you want to enjoy one or two of those go for it! Just make sure you are balancing it out with plenty of water. Stay hydrated!!
  • SLEEP! Maybe you stayed out at that local beach hangout a little later than you are used to. Or maybe you are visiting the Happiest Place on Earth and you snagged that elusive 7 am breakfast reservation at the castle and the alarm is going off at 5 am to get ready. Great! That is awesome. You are on vacation, right?? Right. But make sure to balance it out somewhere during your day. Take a nap at the beach. Head back to the air conditioned hotel room to sneak a few chapters of that new book you have been dying to read. Make sure to rest so you have energy to actually enjoy your vacation.
  • MOVE!! Maybe running five miles every morning does not work into your vacation plans. No big deal. Your running shoes will be waiting when you get back. But on the other hand, laying around all day will likely make you feel sluggish and tired. Move your body! Have a dance party. Take the stairs up to your third floor hotel room. Walk to dinner. Your body will thank you!
  • And most importantly…. Be grateful. Be present. Have fun!!

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