The 5@8 is back for the month of May!

What is the 5@8?

  • 5 one minute core exercises done every day at 8 am, 8 pm or whenever the heck you want!
  • 5@8 exercises are designed to enhance your workout, strengthen your core and keep you more connected to your health

The 5@8 exercises started as a small (3 people!) group of accountability buddies looking to add a bit extra to their workouts. It has since grown to dozens of people joining together as a community to motivate each other, have fun and celebrate our accomplishments.

We are inviting you all to join us and take a step to become Rooted in Health! So how do you join?

  • Send us a message to subscribe to our 5@8 email list. Your five daily exercises will be sent directly to your inbox!
  • Follow us on Instagram for daily tips and motivation
  • Show up! Make sure to post your 5@8 pics and tag us… this community was established to help each other grow and support each other! You are OUR motivation and we can’t wait to see what you’ve got!

So here we go! Let’s strengthen our core, have some fun and head into the summer rooted in new healthy habits!

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