The Balance Myth: Part One

Lately it seems like everyone is talking about “balance”. How to balance a family, school, work, a career. Even kids learn at very early ages now that they must “balance” homework, afterschool activities and playtime.

But here is the problem with this lofty ideal of “balance”. Too often we envision balance as this juggling act. That in order to be successful we must keep all the balls up in the air. We must be everything to everyone. But guess what. That can’t happen. Sooner or later one of those balls is going to fall to the ground.

Instead we can look at balance in a much different way. Balance should be about knowing our limits. Knowing how much we can take on. And knowing how much we can fit into our days.

So how do we know how to prioritize what is going to fill our days? Here is something that has really worked for us:

  • identify no more than three crucials
    • a crucial is unique to each person and should not be dictated by what your friend’s crucial might be, or what social media is trying to tell you is most important
    • a crucial is something that to you, is essential, in order for you to go to bed at night feeling fulfilled and accomplished
    • don’t be tempted to turn your crucials into your “to-do” list. Remember these are the three MOST important things in your day, not what you”have” to do
  • write down your crucials
    • journal, pray, meditate. heck jot down your crucials with a sharpie on the back of an old bill (hey, whatever works right?)
  • let others know about your crucials… your family, partner, friends
    • acknowledge how important these are to you. It doesn’t matter if your crucial might seem silly… it is what is important to you and your loved ones will respect that. But they can’t understand how important it is to you if you don’t let them know…. right?

How do we find the time to make room for our crucials without reverting back to the over-extended juggler trying to keep all the balls and all their crucials up in the air?

More on that next week!!! Stay tuned!

So for now… we would love to hear from you! What are your crucials? What essential things leave you feeling happy and full each day?

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