Rooted in Health Spotlight: Peter Houldin #funwithfitness

Peter Houldin joins us today to share his story of how Washington’s #funwithfitness evolved. Four years ago, Peter was invited to a November Project work out in NYC. November Project is a free fitness movement that began in Boston and is now present in multiple cities all over the world. He was inspired by the motivated and dedicated crowd that showed up first thing in the morning to move and stay fit. His new goal became capturing the spirit of November Project and creating a similar group in his small hometown of Washington CT.

#funwithfitness began as a post holiday pop-up community work out which was held on Black Friday and Boxing Day. Soon it became a weekly ritual with a few dedicated members meeting every Saturday morning at 6am, rain, snow, sleet or shine! Over the past three years the little group has grown and now you can always count on a dozen or more gathering at the Judy Black for this free workout.

How do you join in the fun?

  • all are welcome… the workout can be tailored to all fitness levels. Everyone works at their own pace!
  • #funwithfitness members are #weatherproof so you can count on them being there no matter what! Even in the harshest winter mornings people show up for the exercise, laughs, community and of course the coffee hour which tops off the workout each week

Come check out what the #funwithfitness community is all about. Saturday mornings 6am Judy Black park. Optional 5:30am warm up run. See you there!

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