Staying Rooted During Summer Vacation

Summer is in full swing… which means longer days, school break, beach trips, vacations.

It also means our routine becomes a lot more fluid. Often we have less obligations and places to be. It seems like this should translate to more time to work on our health and fitness, get more sleep, right?

Well not sure if that is true for you, but we have found that this season seems to bring a little more chaos and unpredictability. While our days may be filled with summer fun lacking structure and routine can be detrimental to our health and fitness plan.

Some tips to combat this?

  • schedule in your work out times early in the week
    • don’t assume you will “find” the time just because you have dropped the morning bus schedule and carpool to dance class
  • try something new
    • be creative so that fitness fits into your summer plans…do a quick beach workout circuit before splashing in the waves with your kids or try that new yoga class that you’re more rigid school year schedule didn’t allow for
  • grab a partner
    • accountability is everything… if you feel like motivation is lacking this summer make plans with a friend or family member. You are much more likely to “show up” and the bonus is that you get some quality time in with those you love

So get out there this summer! Stay active, move and fuel your body and stay Rooted in Health wherever you go!

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