Mid-summer Reset

We are halfway through the summer! Time to pause and take a moment to evaluate where you are. What had you envisioned for this season? Are you there? Hitting it out of the park, or struggling just to stay in the game??

Don’t let where you have been define where you are going! Reassess, reset and recharge!! There is still plenty of time left to work on your goals and take steps towards your vision of where you want to be.

And here is the best part… we are here to help you get started!! Starting August 1st we will be running a special edition of our 5@8. Five exercises, one minute each, done each day at 8am, 8pm or whenever the heck you want!! Yes you heard right… a new 5@8 is just days away! Let us know you are in and get ready to tackle the rest of the summer committed to establishing your healthy roots!

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