Never give up!

Ever feel like things are piling up around you. That there is not enough time in the day to run, or walk or prepare that healthier meal. Have you ever been completely overwhelmed by your to-do list, to the point where it just seems easier not to do it at all?

Us too! We get it. There are times when things seem to just keep building up and the we lose site of our crucials. Of those essential parts of our day that keep us healthy, fulfilled and happy.

So here is our advice… based on what we have been telling ourselves the last few days!! Never give up. Keep pushing forward. Even if it is the smallest step, take a step in the right direction. Start chipping away at the to-do list, no matter how big and intimidating it might seem. Schedule in a few minutes each day for exercise and movement… and when you realize how those few minutes make you feel, suddenly giving up on that important time is no longer an option.

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