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Bucket List

What is on your “bucket list”? What are you so passionate about, you are almost afraid to believe it might come true??

Here is the thing, if you tell yourself it “can’t” happen or that it is “impossible” then it won’t! Don’t be afraid to dream big, to set your “reach goals” or to pursue a lofty vision. Often times, when we are only looking at the big picture, at the “end game” it truly does seem impossible to get there. It is overwhelming and we put that dream aside. Decide it is for “other people”. But take a step back. Consider the steps it would take to get there. Break it down into manageable steps and instead of focusing on the “big picture” get to work on reaching that first step!

So maybe your bucket list doesn’t include running a half marathon with Mickey Mouse, but there is something out there that you are passionate about! Maybe it is a trip, maybe a race, maybe a class you have always wanted to take. Maybe it is becoming a healthier version of yourself. Believe it is possible and start working on your plan to get there. Use your resources to make it happen. Family, friends, community. Surround yourself with those who aren’t afraid to pursue their dreams. The energy is contagious and before you know it you will be celebrating reaching that first step towards checking off your “bucket list”!

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