Facing the Right Direction

It doesn’t matter how much space there is between you and your vision… as long as you are facing the right direction!

Taking small steps, no matter how insignificant they may seem, will start moving you towards where you want to be. Throw away junk in your house so you are no longer tempted to eat it. Set a goal to go to bed a half hour earlier. Carve out five minutes a day to work out. When you make these small first steps it becomes easier to take the next. And the one after that.

Part of facing the right direction, is changing your mindset. Focus on the positive. Let go of the fear of starting, of dwelling on how far off that vision might seem.

Hold yourself accountable. Make those small steps, set that goal and then say it out loud! Write it down. Tell a friend. Tell us!

Finally, be sure to celebrate the small milestones along the way. And don’t forget to periodically check that roadmap.. . make sure you haven’t veered off course!

If you are facing the right direction all you have to do is keep walking.

john goldstein

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