Rooted In Health Coffee Talk: Embracing It All!

New month, new start?

It is the first of the month today. The start of a month often symbolizes a new beginning. We start to think about our intentions for the month ahead and often make bold statements about “wiping the slate clean” and “starting over”.

Here is the thing. There is no reason to start “from scratch”! Embrace last month. All of it. The good and the bad. Did things go perfectly? Great!! But for the great majority of us they probably did not. Learn from that. Embrace the good. Embrace the bad. And embrace those important lessons we learned last month as we look ahead.

So as we embark on a new month, reflect back and as you create your vision for the next 30 days don’t “wipe the slate clean”. That slate is what makes up who we are and we should learn to embrace everything written on it. Be grateful for the joyous times, but also be grateful for the tough times which teach us the lessons we need to grow stronger.

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