Coffee Talk: Rules Without Relationship

Why do we need relationships with our rules and habits?

For the same reason we are more effective as parents, teachers and coaches. It is much easier to accept or follow a rule if we know why we need to do it and have a good understanding of how it makes us feel. We need to be connected in some way to that rule or habit in order to generate motivation to follow it.

Obviously we don’t start with these relationships. We may for example “know” that eating healthy will make us feel good but until we actually experience how great we feel that relationship isn’t solidified. Sometimes we must take a leap of faith and follow a rule, or develop a new habit as our relationship with that rule grows.

So here is our challenge to you. Create a new relationship with your health. Get excited about feeling good. Understand why a healthy lifestyle can make you feel happier and more energetic. Allow that relationship to grow and develop and form your own rules and habits around that relationship. Your essentials, your rules that cannot be broken.

Rules without relationship leads to rebellion

josh McDowell

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