Brokenness and an Abundant Life

The holiday season can be a time of great joy, but all too often it can also be a time of great sadness. Some of us may be facing great hardships, may have family members or friends who are sick or recovering from injury. We may be missing someone this holiday season. This can leave our soul a bit broken even in the midst of all the happiness and joy surrounding us.

Brokenness is not always dependent on the circumstances surrounding us. Perhaps on the surface things in your life might seem perfect but on the inside, you need some mending. It is especially important at these times to reach out to your friends, family, community and let them know how you are feeling.

What can we do to mend this brokenness? To focus on what heals us, what allows us to live an “abundant” life. Our hope, is that through our Advent challenge we can offer our Rooted in Health community the opportunity to begin this process. By finding that “positive” in your day, even if it is clouded by hard times, you are allowing that light to begin to shine. A light that will grow and strengthen our community as we share these positives with others.

So please join us as we pledge together to stretch, strengthen, and choose at least one positive each day. And most importantly share those positives so the light of our community will continue to grow and strengthen allowing us to hold up our loved ones who need extra support this holiday season.

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