Rooted in Health Coffee Talk: Avoidance

All too often, we follow up with a patient only to find out they have had a recurrence of their pain or injury. And many times they let us know sheepishly that they stopped doing their exercise program once things felt better. It was easier at the time to avoid the source of the problem, then to face it head on and work to change it.

This also happens with our emotional well being. Sometimes, throwing ourselves into other activities, avoiding the source of our distress can feel like an easy short term “fix”. Ultimately though, this distress will build and left unaddressed, begin to effect other aspects of our lives. We may feel tired, or hopeless. Irritated by things that were once a source of joy.

Avoidance can be very sneaky. We can use seemingly positive, healthy tactics to avoid the problem. For example, we may choose to focus on good eating, exercise. The problem is, while these are great habits to put us in the right mindset to tackle our issues, they aren’t necessarily the solution.

So be sure to face any issues you might have, any angst you may be feeling head on. Say it aloud to a trusted friend. Write it down if you are not ready to share with others. Avoidance might feel good in the short term but will never lead to resolution of the problem.

Avoidance is a great strategy to find comfort. It’s also a great long term strategy to guarantee misery

Brendon Burchard

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