Rooted In Health Coffee Talk: Energy and Depleted Energy

We think a lot about our physical energy. When we are really dragging vs those days when we bounce out of bed ready to go. But what about the energy that fills our souls? Those activities or moments that really fill our souls vs those that deplete us, leaving us feeling empty and drained.

So what fills your soul? What energizes you, leaves you ready to take on the world? Maybe it is quality time spent with loved ones, a hike through the woods, an impromptu dance party in your living room.

And just as importantly what depletes you? This may be different for everyone. And it may be different for you, in different seasons of your life. What may energize you, may become the very thing that depletes you at other times.

Our challenge to you is this: over the course of the next few days pay close attention to your energy levels, your level of contentment, happiness. Look for patterns as to what makes you really shine, versus those activities that seem to leave you feeling empty, sad. What changes in your life can you make to ensure that you are protecting that energy within?

You got to let your soul shine!

Warren Haynes

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