Rooted in Health Coffee Talk: Staying Rooted

We are back with our weekly coffee talk… this time coming at you via Zoom! We wanted to take a moment to thank all of you. We are so grateful for all of those on the front line keeping us protected every day as well of all of those who are choosing to stay home, making sacrifices to protect each other and especially to help protect our healthcare workers who are out there making sacrifices for us every day!

What can we do to stay rooted during this difficult time? We invite you to join our Rooted in Health community, whether it be through membership, joining our subscription list or even just following along on our social media pages. We are here to help you keep your bodies moving and to keep your minds healthy as we navigate these tough times together.

So stay safe. Stay healthy. Keep moving. And remember we are here to help. We are all stronger together.


Lauren & Deb

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