Rooted In Health Coffee Talk: No Fear Friday

No Fear Friday. Only you can give fear power. We are currently in a time when it is very easy to feel fear. We fear for our futures. We fear for our friends and loved ones affected by Covid 19. We fear for those on the front lines. We can’t pretend the fear doesn’t exist. We can’t sweep it aside. But we can make the decision to break up with fear. To stand strong and not let the fear own us.

It is easier to stand up to fear when you join together and can feel confident knowing that you are not alone in the fight. We called on our community to come together and create this video to Francesca Battistelli’s The Breakup Song. So please listen in, join us and break up with fear. We all feel fear right now, but we can’t allow that fear to take over. Hope and love will win.

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