Each Saturday morning, no matter the season, weather, or temperature – a community comes together – outside – to go hard and have fun doing it.  Anybody can workout when it’s 60 and sunny – but the magic happens when it is dark and 20, or rainy, or snowy, or zero.  

We are a bit different.  You don’t need a mat, weights, or money.  Instead, we use the park and depot as our gym.  Our time together is designed with all in mind and we just ask that you be you – if you can run, run.  If you can walk, walk.  If you are not doing either – just do you.  We are a positive, fun, inclusive group that gets together in all sorts of weather to get our sweat on and get on with our day.  

We meet at 6:00am at The Judy Black Memorial Park. Come at 5:30 for an optional warm up run – at your pace and length. After the workout we head to Marty’s for #coffeeearned!