When:  Tuesday and Thursday mornings 5:45 am-6:45 am

Where:  November to April Washington Primary gym and Mid-April to November outside at the Washington Pavilion

What:  Weights, yoga mat,water, and bring your willingness to work or at least your body and we’ll help you with the rest!  Regarding weights:   start light and you can ALWAYS increase!   Form first!

BONUS:  An amazing group of people who all started on day one at one point or another!  We choose to grow stronger daily and when we fail we ALWAYS have each other to meet up with the next time!  KEEP PRESSING ON and remind yourself with the question we start with EVERY session:  ” What is your positive?”  What is one person, event, nature, thing, idea, etc. that is good in your life that you can focus on during the workout and beyond? 

Some teachers have to leave at 6:15 so NO EXCUSES!  Just come as you are!  We’ll learn from each other!

Contact instructor Deborah Andrews with questions or to accept this invitation!  First Class is a free gift then $10 per class.  Email:

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