Upcoming Workshops and Series

Healthy Back Series


This six week online rehabilitation series will lead you through foundational exercises designed to improve posture and strengthen your core.  At the conclusion of this series, you will have the knowledge and skill to practice healthy self care.

Now available!

Back To Basics Series $65.00


Join us for a virtual four week challenge to prepare for the fall sports season. Improve your strength, endurance and agility before the school year starts! Sign up now for our online series. Subscription includes one month access to Strength and Conditioning exercise program. Daily exercise program, each approximately 7-10 minutes designed both to improve athletic performance as well as prevent common injuries.

Strength and Conditioning Series $40.00


October is our month of planking, giving and celebration. Each year we come together as a community to show our strength and commitment to supporting each other. Last year we raised over 2500 dollars for the Washington Community Fund and shared many laughs along the way.

Check out highlights from Planktober Fest 2018!