Rooted in Health Coffee Talk: Overcoming Frustrations

We are almost three weeks into new year. Enough time to establish new habits, reflect on our visions for a year. And unfortunately enough time to hit roadblocks and become frustrated in our pursuit of our “best life”.

Here is the thing. If you are waiting to be happy, to be satisfied until you make these changes you will always end up frustrated! New habits, a healthier lifestyle will help you grow and will help you be a stronger version of yourself but even more so when you are begin from a strong foundation.

Now, in this moment, is the time to know that you are loved. That you were created from love and you are worthy right now, no matter what you aspire to become, as you move forward. If you do not know that, do not truly believe that then it is time to pause and take some time to find that place BEFORE you make any big changes in your life. Believe in yourself and your worthiness without attaching conditions to that love.

So don’t become frustrated or feel you haven’t “succeeded” in reaching your vision for the new year. Make sure you focus on being happy and satisfied with the “you” you are today and then work to grow from that place.

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